Reducing stress is probably one of the major afflictions that most people attempt to reduce in their daily lives. Stress is a leading factor to anxiety. Essential oils used in aromatherapy help reduce the stress levels and keep you healthier and happier during the day and in your overall life.

It has been said that stress is the number one killer for people under the age of 40. Even if you think you have your stress levels under control, you can always benefit by reducing stress with essential oils. The health benefits alone are worth your while to try aromatherapy. It is a non-evasive way to reduce stress and relax your mind so that you can sleep better and relax during times when emotions may get the best of you.

Essential oils are a good way to balance your stress and give your body an emotional overhaul. You can use essential oils at work or home to help reduce stress as it increases throughout the day. Using essential oils in aromatherapy in your office or home can help calm and relax you during your day. Aromatherapy is a pivotal positive therapy for your body, mind and soul especially during busy day.

There are several types of aromatherapy essential oils that can be used to reduce stress:

  1. Bergamot
    Bergamot is a powerfully uplifting essential oil that can refresh your spirit and increase your mood. If you are having negative thoughts and feel like you are feeling depressed or sad, bergamot can help clean your mind from the negative thoughts and help your mood to fight the sadness. Bergamot is extracted from the peel of a fruit, so it has an understandably citrus smell. The citrus smell refreshes the mind and helps put you in a better mood which will ultimately eliminate sadness.
  2. Marjoram Sweet
    Marjoram Sweet is a naturally soothing and comforting herb that can help release your anxiety and increase your mood. The herb is actually a culinary herb used for many centuries as an herbal medicine. It is a powerful mood enhancer, and it can help you overcome your feelings of loneliness and depression. Another effect that Marjoram Sweet can bring is a warm, sweet fragrance that helps your aching muscle. The herb gives muscles a warm feeling that relieves them from the pain of the day’s strenuous work.
  3. Juniper Berry
    Juniper berry is a strong scent that fortifies the mind and body. It is a distilled berry from a Juniper tree that brings the pungent and effective fragrance. Juniper berry is also a well known fragrance that can eliminate and clear toxins from your body’s system and it soothes the muscles and joints.
  4. Geranium
    Geranium helps stabilize your body and mind bringing a balance of emotions and stress levels. Its nurturing fragrance makes you feel as if you have removed all the bad in life and disbursed it out of your body and into your surroundings. It is especially beneficial to those who feel like their emotions are a roller coaster and out of control. It has a flowery scent and it blends with almost any of the other essential oils.
  5. Lavender French
    Lavender French is a relaxing essential oil that soothes your mind from the effects of mental fatigue. It is an exotic plant that is grown in France, and it has been long used for its relaxing fragrance. It has been used therapeutically for ages. It has been used in Europe to relieve tension, soothe aches and pains in the muscles, and help you feel more rejuvenated throughout the day. It helps in balancing your mood and release the tension from your mind and your muscles.
  6. Jasmine
    Jasmine is a sensual essential oil that helps you assert yourself. It can relax you beyond the stressful day and it can lift your emotions. It can also boost your confidence and your self esteem to help overcome the controversy from the day.
  7. Rosemary
    Rosemary is a good follow up essential oil to the others that relieve your stress and aches and pains. Although it is a stimulating essential oil, it is also a therapeutic way to clear your head and help you relax for a better night’s sleep. Rosemary is also said to help your short and long term memory helping you concentrate and focus on important work.
  8. Sandalwood Agmark
    Sandelwood Agmark is an important essential oil that will help relax and soothe your mind and body. It is a woody fragrance like being outside in a rugged forest. It will settle your mind from the low self esteem and boost your confidence.
  9. Ylang Ylang
    Ylang Ylang is an exotic essential oil that is sensual and balances overactive emotions. It helps you spiritually, so your mind will be more positive after using Ylang Ylang. It can also be used as a mood enhancer for romance and love.

  10. Chamomile Roman
    Chamomile is a powerful way to soothe and relax your mind. Combined with bergamot, the essential oil can help you unwind from the day’s stress and busy schedule This oil is a mild fragrance that calms the mind and the body. It is best for irritability and anxiety. Used in moderation, this fragrance can help you relieve stress and deal with emotional imbalances. It can help quell anger and irritability.

  11. Frankincense 
    Frankincense is a major essential oil that is involved with balancing and relaxing your mind and spirit. The exotic plant is found in Africa as a bush with a beautiful fragrance. The deeply relaxing herb is great for treating depression and anxiety because it provides a calming and tranquil energy as well as spiritual grounding. It also helps with deep meditation and quieting the mind.Mixed with bergamot and lavender oils in a 1:1 ratio in an aroma hand massage, frankincense was found to have a positive effect on pain and depression patients.

Essential Oils Recipes for Anxiety & Stress

• 5 drops of lavender oil
• 4 drops of sandalwood oil
• 3 drops of chamomile (roman)
• 1 ounce fractionated coconut oil or almond oil

Mix all these and store them in a glass bottle. Rub onto your neck or the bottoms of your feet or just before going to bed.

The above essential oils will help you battle your low self esteem. Everyone deserves a positive attitude towards life, and aromatherapy can help you realize your self worth. Having a mood enhancer will greatly better you home life and even help you cope with the busy work schedule and deadlines.
Although each of these essential oils are highly effective individually, using them in combination can greatly increase your ability to remove stress and help your body heal from the emotional drama. Although essential aroma aromatherapy is not a perfect solution, it can give your body a complete overhaul from stress and harmful emotions. Give these combinations a try and you will notice a difference within just a few days. Use them in the office and you will notice your attitude towards people and life itself will completely turn to a positive outlook.


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