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Spirit Yoga Foundation

With its humble beginning in 2009, now SYF has grown into wisdom tree of Yoga

The decades of experience by Yogi Simant in the practical and theoretical domains of yoga and world traveller Ravi Gusain who knows well the pulse of yoga spirants all over the world resulted in the sowing seeds for SYF in 2009.

Now, it has grown into wisdom tree of Yoga. SYF believe in modifications, alterations & adjustments without losing the pristine essence of yoga art to suit the changing times and the new environment of a new generation. SYF is entering the eight years of its existence.

The Spirit Yoga Foundation (SYF) is an attempt to redefine yoga teaching and reinvent meditation experience. Purity, Universal Brotherhood and honesty are our core pillars that give SYF its own unique identity.

Yoga for Global Community

  • Committed to provide a comprehensive yoga environment
  • Believe in traditional Guru-disciple relationship for better understanding
  • Breaking the barriers for strengthening universal brotherhood
  • Garnering the maximum potential of every yoga student
  • Connecting yoga to your daily life

Rural-based Community Service

  • Exploring perennial sources of income for rural community
  • Regularly organizing health awareness camps in inaccessible rural areas
  • Awareness of herbs and homely-remedies for hospital-bereft regions
  • Balancing environment and development in sustainable manner
  • Emphasizing on self-reliance of educated rural youths

Certified and Registered with the Government

  • Societies Registration Act 1860.
  • Section 12A of the Income Tax Act 1961.
  • Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Registered under FCRA – Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of India.

My first experience with “Spirit Yoga Foundation” was remarkable. It offers a unique class of yoga, meditation & Ayurveda. I am thankful to Yogi Simant for giving in-depth training of meditation process including various breathing methods. This unique inward journey has indeed very enlightening and transformational, not only on the physical aspect but also on the mental and the soul level. It’s a detoxify and purification of the body, soul and mind, reaching to a higher stage of consciousness.

Fon Lim

Founder of The Shambhala Singapore
Fon Lim

When my wife and I planned our trip to Rishikesh, India, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. Our intention was to take a course on Ayurveda with some secondary Yoga training. Yogi Simant, Talik (yoga and philosophy), Anita (yoga), Dr. Biswas Barthwal (Ayurveda massage), and Dr. Chandan Parmar (Ayurveda medicine and nutrition) provided my wife and I with an unforgettable experience. All of our expectations were exceeded.

Chris Johnson, Canada 

Chris Johnson, Canada 

“I’m Li Nuo from china, as a foreigner coming to India was an amazing experiences. The yoga that was thought to me was truly an out of this world feeling. It thought me to calm and to have patience and discipline. My health got batter and I feel light on my feet. The yoga practise was so organised and the teacher we kind and well trained in yoga. They trained and thought us with all their heart and soul. The place is truly worth your time and money. My best wish to spirit yoga foundation.”

Li Nuo, China 

Li Nuo, China