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10 Days Inward Journey on Meditation in Himalayas


Journey through Himalayan Energetic Epicenters

Duration : 9 Nights / 10 Days

An Overview

The celestial song of Himalayan splendour has been sung in many yoga texts. The divine surroundings in the region reverberate in the silence meditation process. Himalaya accompanies you in your meditation yoga & meditation retreat which is endless and priceless.

Himalaya is mystic, mythological and meditative. He is silent guru which expects his student to follow in his footsteps. What can be better way to do meditation in the salubrious surroundings of Himalayas ? You discover yourself in the spiritual sojourn to bounty of nature.

From time immemorial, the Himalayan Mountains has captivated the charm of sages, hermits and monks to delve deep in meditation and search for hidden inner wealth. The spiritual vibrations in the environment inspire you to step out for spiritual journey.

The reason for selection of Himalaya for arena of meditation is:

  • Our body comprise of 5 elements (earth, fire, air, water & space)
  • Meditation touches the five elements of your existence
  • You experience the new dimension of meditation
  • You enter to the subtle existence of Himalayas
  • Himalayas is centre of all cosmic energy

Why Meditation for Inquisitive Mind ?

What is my purpose in life ? Why am I suffering ? Where is true peace ? Is the purpose of life mere accumulation of wealth and procreation? There are several questions arising in your mind which remains unanswered. Let us go with us for ten days trek in Himalayas region know how we are connected to the same universal power which connect us. The Himalaya is the guru of all gurus which will quench your thirst of knowledge.

You will get new experiences in life in countless of ways :

  • You will comprehend your true nature
  • You will be absorb in your inner world
  • You will get all the answers automatically
  • It will change your life forever
  • You will be connected to universal power

What New Experiences in Life You will Get ?

Sometimes, you think that life is worthless and has no real purpose. You start from zero, and after making a circle, you again reach the same initial state. But journey of meditation breaks all barriers and boundaries.

You are aware of the fact that life is short and time is fleeing. You read spiritual or religious books, visit holy places, but still you find vacuum in the inner of your heart.

Meditation is an experience, and you can understand only, if you yourself indulge in this yoga practice. You will get new experiences in life in countless of ways, while meditating in the lap of Himalayas.

  • You learn how to remain calm & cheerful in all circumstances
  • Understand the spirituality in nature
  • Meditation leads to divinity in life
  • Himalaya unravel many secrets of meditation
  • Experience of meditation in lap of mountains

Ancient Meditation Techniques

  • Silence meditation process
  • Breathe control & energetic cleaning
  • Channelizing energy
  • Locking & diverting energies
  • Consciousness via finger movements


Six Days Meditation at Particular Place

  • One day silence meditation
  • Six-hour meditation each day
  • Yagya (holy ritual fire) on daily basis

In six days meditation course, you will learn how to prepare for meditation and reach your inner consciousness state. You will realize your potential and began to evolve meditation techniques to develop it.

Two Days Trekking
The two days trekking in the trails of Himalayas will give you an opportunity to see the bounty of nature where flora and fauna will welcome you at every stopover.

Two Days Journey (Arrival and Departure)
One day will be fully devoted in reaching the destination (Pauri or Khirsu) along the Ganga river. At the end of meditation course, one day will be consumed in exploring the mountainous journey by road.

Location (Pauri or Khirsu)

Pauri and Khirsu are two places located in the Himalayas are the perfect place for yoga and meditation. The beautiful range of snow-capped mountains is clearly visible from these two places. The places are cool and less crowded which makes it fit for meditation learning.

  • Pauri is situated in the lap of Himalayas
  • Nature is bountiful
  • The place is infused with abundance of spiritual vibrations
  • The air is pure, plentiful and energetic
  • The climate is perfect for meditation

The location pick up for meditation can be chosen as per your priority and preference.


Accommodation and meals are included in the course fee for the entire duration of the training course. Accommodation has options of twin and single person occupancy with amenities like attached toilets, hot and cold water, Reverse Osmosis drinking water, etc. Meals include Early Morning Tea/snacks, Breakfast Lunch Evening Tea/snacks and Dinner. Our courses will be held at Rishikesh.

  • A bag to keep the study material.
  • Course Manual and Books on Yoga for self study.
  • Note book and required stationary.
  • Neti lota
  • Kurta Pyjama ( 2 Sets ).
  • Yoga Mat
  • Yogic Cleansing Process material.
  • Rudraksha Mala.
  • Spatic Mala

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of US $300.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • Postponement of course attendance will also entail a fine of $US 100.
  • If any applicant leaves after the commencement of the course but before its completion no amount will be refunded. However the participant will be provided a waiver of 40% for course fee in case he wishes to re-register at a later date within a period of two months.
  • SYF reserves the right to expel any student from the course at any time on grounds of misconduct or inappropriate behaviour, disrespecting the prescribed culture and guidelines by SYF.
  • SPF reserves the right to cancel / call off the course or workshop at any time owing to any exigency prior to commencement of the course. In such case any amount paid by the applicant as registration / course fee will be refunded.

Course Fee / Person

Room OccupancyUS dollars
Single Person Occupancy
(Single room)
Twin Sharing occupancy
(Twin room)
$1250 /person

Note :- For above course advanced booking fee will be US$ 300 per person per course, which can be paid online through your credit card or via bank transfer to our account.

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Organised by Spirit Yoga Foundation

The Spirit Yoga Foundation (SYF) is an attempt to redefine yoga teaching and reinvent meditation experience. Purity, Universal Brotherhood and honesty are our core pillars that give SYF its own unique identity.

“I’m Li Nuo from china, as a foreigner coming to India was an amazing experiences. The yoga that was thought to me was truly an out of this world feeling. It thought me to calm and to have patience and discipline. My health got batter and I feel light on my feet. The yoga practise was so organised and the teacher we kind and well trained in yoga. They trained and thought us with all their heart and soul. The place is truly worth your time and money. My best wish to spirit yoga foundation.”

Li Nuo, China 

Li Nuo, China